A Thanksgiving Benediction

A benediction for worship or to share for your Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.

May the Lord bless you and hold you close,

May the Lord fill your heart with an overwhelming sense of peace and an abundance of gratitude.

May you rest in the assurance that God loves you completely, uniquely, and beyond measure.

May you step into the fullness of God’s love for you,

May God’s love kindle within you a yearning to reach out to those who need you, whose beloved faces you can picture in your mind’s eye, as well as the strangers whom you haven’t yet met.

May you work for justice, cling to kindness, and walk humbly with Christ in your midst.

May you live for one another and for God like never before,

With open hands, minds, and hearts,

Not just during the short days of this thanksgiving season,

But for each and every day to come.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

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Katy Shevel

Hi, my name is Katy! I am an ordained clergywoman and lover of all things tea. I write about topics exploring the intersection of theology, scripture, and history. Follow my blog to join me on this writing journey!

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