About Me

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Welcome! My name is Katy Shevel. I’m an ordained clergywoman, a writer, and a perpetually curious learner. I have a Master’s of Divinity and Master’s of Theology (with an emphasis in Systematic Theology/History of Doctrine) from Princeton Theological Seminary. I currently serve as the Associate Pastor for Congregational Life in Wayne Presbyterian Church, a large congregation in suburban Philadelphia. I’ve served in chaplaincy programs in both Trenton Psychiatric Hospital in West Trenton and in New Jersey State Prison, a maximum security prison facility, also located in Trenton. I’ve served Presbyterian congregations in New Jersey, Georgia, and Iowa.

I am passionate about engaging with what it is that we believe and thinking critically about how we live out our beliefs in the world. A theologian at heart—and one who loves history—I am committed to a definition of theology that learns from the past, and imagines new ways to breath life, love, and creativity into theological understanding and practice. I currently write for the Presbyterian Outlook.