“Beauty in Virtual Worship” post from Presbyterian Outlook

Like many others, my church pivoted to virtual-only worship and programming for much of January. It was a difficult decision, but one that our pastoral and leadership team felt was necessary considering rising COVID cases. As a result, our worship attendees found themselves back at home in their respective living rooms on Sunday mornings, eyes affixed to their devices, and tuning in live with us from afar. Déjà vu. Reluctant as we were, our church family settled back into this all-too-familiar Sunday morning rhythm. So, I found myself asking, “What have I learned about virtual worship after all this time? What is particularly unique about virtual worship? Appealing? Perhaps even … beautiful?

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Katy Shevel

Hi, my name is Katy! I am an ordained clergywoman and lover of all things tea. I write about topics exploring the intersection of theology, scripture, and history. Follow my blog to join me on this writing journey!

One thought on ““Beauty in Virtual Worship” post from Presbyterian Outlook”

  1. As always Katy , you continue to be thought provoking, sometimes bringing out the philosopher in me! Yes like the song of old ,’For the Beauty of the Earth’ there is beauty all around even whilst zooming! Like you , we have worshipped outside, inside the Community House, back to the Sanctuary in masks, no masks, masks again but have brought back music. And we continue despite mandates, and setbacks to find the beauty still in our imperfection. Zoom at all!
    All the best to you and Tyler,
    Ps Joe Stransky had hip replacement surgery last week and long time member Carl Burrell passed away. He was first to make me feel welcome at Fairmount many years ago.

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